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At Left Eye Blind, our Outreach program is of equal importance to our projects in Production.

Not only does Outreach provide the means to give back to our industry, our initiatives enable our staff to discover new talent, support filmmakers from disadvantage backgrounds and reflect greater representation in our future projects. 

Included here is a variety of Outreach programs we have run over the last decade.

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Passing on the learnings from our experiences creating the award winning 'General Magic' , we have developed a five day Masterclass Documentary Development Program run from our offices.
Hands on, fiercely practical and hosted in small class groups, participants dive into every process of the Documentary Feature Production from development through to distribution.

For more information, please contact us here


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Working with the non profit Studio 12, the British Library and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, 'Writing Britain'  invites first time writers from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to tell their story on screen. The films series, made with no budget over the course of nine months were released on the BBC. A companion documentary to the films, hosted by Leeds University Fellow, Doctor Edgar Gómez, is included in two parts here


Write Club is a community of creatives that come together to write, share and discuss written work. Whether writing is your career, hobby or lifelong unrealised dream, Write Club was created to explore, experiment and deepen the writing practice.

Write Club is anchored in bi-annual retreats, monthly supper clubs and weekly digital meet-ups all designed to establish a routine of writing, inspire confidence and create a community for what can sometimes feel like a solo career No previous writing experience is required to attend. 


We are excited to announce a partnership between Write Club and Soho Works in 2022. For more information please visit


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2.8 days Later

150 filmmakers were given the challenge to write, shoot and finish a film in '2.8 Days Later.' Sponsored by Everyman Cinemas and Trinity Leeds, Left Eye Blind opened its offices as a production base for 27 teams to shoot their short films over one long weekend. The winning films were showcased at Everyman cinemas and won budgets and production packages for their next short films. 

A documentary about the event is available in the video link here.


Over the course of the pandemic we have offered screenings of 'General Magic' and Q&As with the film's makers and it's lead characters to public high schools, colleges and universities for free. 

If you're an educator in STEM, business or film subjects, please contact us here for more information on how to facilitate a free screening to your class or school.


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